HIATUS //"For Asgard!" is not an idle cry; it is a
She is vicious. She is strong. She is a warrior. She fights for glory, for honor, but above all, she fights for the places and people she calls home. Though she may cut down enemies as if they are no more than stocks of corn patiently waiting to yield to her scythe, no bloodlust can blind her purpose. To the right and left of they she loves, she will fight to the death. Even if battle finds her on the opposing side of those who were once friends, she soldiers on in the name of honor.

“Happily, I am neither human, nor a man."
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Forced to conform | Thor & Sif

She hated her. She hated her with all her soul.

Sif kicked her foot against the nearest object to her; some boxes with weapons that where all thrown out with her kick. She just felt like smashing all the things around her against the wall. She was so incredibly furious.

How could her mother even dare to threaten her like that. 

"I. WON’T. MARRY. ANYONE!" This time a wooden chair was the next victim of her rage, which she hit repeatedly with her sword, breaking it into pieces.

She was meant to be a warrior, not the wife of some damn idiot! With a with anger filled yell she hit one last time the chair with her sword, until it completely broke down. Then she threw her sword away, letting herself fall down on the ground and buried her head into her hands.

Why couldn’t everyone just let her be like she wanted to be? Why did she have to conform to this foolish conventions?! 

She hated her mother so much for doing this to her. 

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    Sif laughed as he pushed her away again with his force. He would always have this little advantage over her, though she...
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    Sif’s quick action took him by surprise. Chuckling, he just pushed her off him with his sheer power. Though she may...